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Injecting humor in your presentations

February 20, 2009 2 comments

I like funny people because they keep the atmosphere light. This is very important when dealing with highly controversial issues, particularly those of the government. I was watching White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs deliver his briefing on CNN and was amazed at how he tried to inject humor into the atmosphere. He started with informal comments about the TV series Chuck and went on to proceed with the briefing. What’s fascinating was when one of the audience asked him about the comments of a Wall Street analyst about Obama’s financial stimulus plan, he went on recommending to read the plan carefully and analyze, commenting that he would even invite the analyst for a cup of coffee at the White House adding “decaf” at the end of the comment. The entire room burst in laughter after hearing him say this. Humor just brightens up the atmosphere even when there’s tension in the air. It is something that we need to remember, not just for people who do presentations but for all of us in general. There’s just more than enough reason to laugh.
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