True Independence


Courtesy of Wikipedia

Today, the Philippines is celebrating its 114th national independence day. Filipinos worldwide are commemorating the day when our forefathers have fought and declared freedom from colonial rule. But what does this really mean to us in this generation? While we no longer have to worry so much about fighting for our national freedom, we need to constantly fight for our freedom to

  • maintain a positive attitude in the midst of negativity
  • make tough financial decisions to be free from debt
  • work hard to pursue the dreams we’ve always had
  • exercise to keep ourselves fit
  • continuously learn new things and develop our skills
  • stop, pause and slow down in today’s fast-paced lifestyle
  • make and maintain meaningful relationships that last

The battle for our country’s freedom and independence may have ended more than a century ago. However, we are fighting a different one today – one that demands more of our time, commitment and heart. True independence is simply a reminder that we need to constantly be vigilant and intentional about living the life that was meant for us.

Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos! Mabuhay!

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