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Work With, Not For

A typical response everytime you ask somebody where they work is this: “I work for…” Whether intentional or simply something we got used to, it somehow represents how our working relationships are with our employer or boss. In a boss-subordinate kind of relationship, there is not much to say about co-dependence. Maybe this is where we got the term “working for.” And maybe we need a new mindset where the boss-subordinate kind of relationship needs to be changed to something like “coach-team staff” where everybody in the team would realize the value each one brings into the team to become successful. Think about it. Imagine a basketball team where each player has a different goal or the star player wants to show off or the coach simply wants to finish the game. There’s no way they can make it to the championship with that kind of mindset. But with each member of the team focusing on a common goal, “working with” each other instead of working for the coach, the championship is just a matter of time. Co-dependency may not make a star player but it definitely makes a championship team. And a championship team makes every member a star player.

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